Come visit Peters Orchards beginning in July to taste the sweetest, home grown nectarines around!  We allow our nectarines to stay on the tree as long as possible so that when you visit our market, you can be sure that they are the freshest tree-ripened nectarines around. Our juicy and sweet nectarines make a delicious and healthy snack for you and your family.  You can be sure that they have not been shipped or stored prior to your eating them! Often they will have just been picked the day you visit us! Taste and see the freshest fruit around!

Variety Flesh Color Description Type of Pit Availibility
Jade White Excellent color and firmness. The fruit is medium size and freestone with very good eating qualities. Freestone July
Easternglo Yellow This yellow-flesh, freestone nectarine is medium to large in size. Fruit is firm, nearly 100% dark red, with a very smooth finish. Freestone July
Arctic Glo White The fruit is dark red and firm, with a tart acid flavor. Clingstone July
Arctic Sweet White The fruit is medium in size, firm and highly colored. Semi-Cling July
Summer Beaut Yellow An exceptional yellow-fleshed nectarine. This freestone has a medium size, good color and firmness. Freestone August
Emeraude White the fruit is large and highly colored with excellent firmness. Freestone August
Sunglo Yellow A very high quality yellow-fleshed nectarine for the mid-season. Fruit is large and 75% red over a golden background color. Semi-Cling August
Arctic Jay White The fruit is medium in size, very firm, and has a sub-acid flavor. Semi-Cling August
Flavortop Yellow A large, attractive mid-season nectarine ripening after Sunglo. The fruit is very firm, freestone and very good quality. Freestone August
Redgold Yellow A large-sized, yellow-fleshed, very attractive, red nectarine. Semi-Cling August
Fantasia Yellow

Excellent quality, yellow-fleshed, freestone nectarine. Fruit is large, nearly full red, with a smooth glossy finish.

Freestone August
Zephyr White The fruit is very large and firm with outstanding flavor. Freestone August
Ambre Yellow A freestone nectarine, that is medium to large, very firm, with approximately 50% red color over a bright yellow background. Freestone September