Cherries are one of our most anticipated fruits of summer. They are a healthy food that can also help ease joint pain, muscle soreness, arthritis and  help regulate sleep. Cherries are a versatile fruit whose rich flavor can be added to most everything  like dairy and meats or cooked down to make a sauce, strained for juice or just eaten right from the stem. Serve them by the bowlful for a tasty treat at your next get-together. Come out in late June to enjoy our juicy and delicious sweet cherries. We grow many varieties including the Bing, Emperor Francis and Montmorency cherry. In addition, around July 4th we begin to harvest our sour cherry crop. Sour cherries can be used for baking in pies and cobblers.

Variety Description Use Availibility
Black Sweet Cherry* Deep mahogany-colored skin. Rich, sweet, firm purplish flesh Eating, Baking, Jellies and Jams Mid-June
White Sweet Cherry** A large, high-quality cherry of the Napoleon type. The fruit has an attractive red blush over a yellowish background Eating Late June
Sour (Tart) Cherry*** A medium-sized, firm, dark-skinned, dark-fleshed cherry Eating, Baking, Jellies and Jams Late June/Early July

*     Varieties of Black Sweet Cherry include: Bing, Kristin, Hartland, Sam, Ulster and Vista
**    Varieties of White Sweet Cherry include: Emperor Francis
***  Varieties of Sour Cherry include: Montmorency and Balaton