Peters Orchards has partnered with Pleasant Hollow Apiaries of Gardners, Pa, for over 20 years to source the honey sold at our fruit market. After pollination, Pleasant Hollow bee hives are placed on local farms for the duration of the summer until honey is harvested from the middle of July to the middle of August. Clover and wildflower honeys are the two local honeys that we sell. Others are orange blossom and buckwheat honeys. We also sell chunk honey, honeycomb, bee pollen, and honey sticks. Come out an enjoy the rich flavor and benefits of local made honey. For more information on the making of honey, a fascinating and interesting process...click here.

Pleasant Hollow Honey*
Honey Varieties Plastic Bears 12oz 1 lb. Glass 2 lb. Glass 5 lb. Glass Other Sizes
Orange Blossom  
Wild Flower  
Chunk         1 lb. Tall Glass
Comb         13oz to 18oz Hard Plastic
Pollen         8oz Tall Glass

* All items are subject to availibility. All Year Round items can run out due to individual harvest year conditions. Thank you for understanding. For information on a specific item's avalibility, please Contact Us.