Come and visit Peters Orchards in the fall for the juiciest, homegrown pears around. Our pears are harvested from late summer to later in the fall. Our pears varieties include Bosc, Asian Pears, Magness (a smaller green pear), Red and Yellow Bartlett just to name a few. Bosc are a hard and juicy golden colored pear that is often used in gourmet recipes which highlight the beauty of the pear shape. Asian Pears are round and firm like an apple, yet juicy and sweet like a pear. Red and Yellow Bartlett are great for canning and preserving, and are also great for just plain eating!

Variety Type of Pear Description Availibility
Clapp's Favorite European Early season yellow pear with a faint red blush ripening in mid-August. The fruit is large with good eating quality. August
Yellow Bartlett European A large yellow pear, considered one of the best choicest canning varieties. August
Red Bartlett European A red sport of the Bartlett variety with quality equal to its parent. August
Shinseiki Asian Yellow flesh finish and very little russet. Fruit is medium-sized, crisp, juicy, and high quality August
Hosui Asian Fruit is mildly flavored, sweet and juicy with light brown skin. August
20th Century Asian Slightly yellow flesh finish. Fruit is medium-sized, crisp, juicy, and high quality storable pear. October
Seckel European A small pear with rich yellowish-brown skin when fully ripe. One of the best quality dessert pears. September
Magness European A medium-sized pear ripening just after Seckel. Skin is greenish-brown, covered with light russet. Flesh is soft, juicy and almost free of grit cells. Flavor is sweet and of excellent quality. September
Red Anjou European The fruit is darkish red, a fine-textured pear, the flesh is mild and aromatic. September
Golden Russet Bosc European The fruit on this vigorous tree type is long and uniform in shape. Firm, sweet and juicy. September
Olympic Asian This round, large, heavily russeted brown Asian pear has a crisp, juicy, sweet taste. October
Comice European Medium to large in size, with green-yellow skin with an occasional red blush. October