Plums are enjoyed as a fresh snack as well as a popular choice for cooking and jam making. Plums are a good source of vitamins A and C, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and fiber. At Peters Orchards we grow three different types of plums. The first is the Japanese plum like Shiro and Santa Rosa. These are the first picked plum of the year and are usually harvested in July. Next is the European plum like blue and red Prune plums. Finally we finish with  hybrid plums like Pluots which are a hybrid of the plum and apricot. Plums are harvested through September. 

Variety Type of Plum Description Availibility
Early Golden Japanese An attractive red blush over golden yellow ground color. Very sweet, small to medium in size. July
Methley Japanese Purple with red, sweet flesh and very juicy with a distinctive flavor. July
Shiro Japanese A sweet, juicy yellow plum. Shiro is round, clingstone and medium in size. July
Au Rosa Japanese A dark red plum, medium to large in size, with red flesh. July
Santa Rosa Japanese A large, attractive reddish-purple plum with yellow flesh. Very sweet and juicy. August
Castleton European Prune The fruit is blue, slightly ovate and similar in appearance to Stanley. August
Black Amber Japanese Black-red skin and an amber flesh. The fruit is large and very firm. August
Satsuma Japanese A very distinctive, dark red plum with red flesh. The fruit is oval-shaped, medium in size and very sweet. August
Vanier Japanese Fruit is red, medium-sized, yellow-fleshed and clingstone. August
Queen Rosa Japanese Fruit is similar to Santa Rosa, a dark red-purple plum with red flesh. August
Flavor Queen Pluot Pluot A greenish-yellow pluot, medium to large with yellow flesh and a pleasant sweet flavor. August
Dapple Dandy Pluot Pluot The fruit is large, with a dark purple color overlaid on a light purple background color. Dapple Dandy has firm, dark red flesh when fully mature. August
Long John European Prune A mid-season prune-type plum. The fruit is dark blue, very large and of high quality. August
Fortune Japanese Fruit is medium to large, reddish-purple and very firm with yellow flesh. September
Stanley European Prune Fruit is large in size with dark blue skin. Flesh is greenish-yellow, juicyand fine-grained. September
Bluebyrd European Prune The fruit is blue with amber flesh, medium to large in size with excellent flavor and high sugar content. September
Victory European Prune It is a heart-shaped European type plum with dark blue skin, yellow-green firm flesh and an attractive finish. September
Friar Japanese A large oval plum, deep black with light amber flesh. The fruit is freestone with a small pit, sweet and juicy when fully ripe. September
Vision European Prune The high quality fruit is dark blue and oblong-shaped. September