Other Fruit

From summer through fall Peters Orchards grows an extensive variety of fruits so that we can supply our Roadside Market with the freshest, locally grown produce around. Come see us in early June as our home-grown crops begin to come into season. We start the summer with a delicious harvest of the sweetest strawberries around. Then throughout the summer we offer blueberries, blackberries, and red raspberries. We also grow a nice crop of apricots of multiple varieties which are great for just plain eating, or for preserving and canning. In the fall we sell quince, grapes and chestnuts. Quinces make a wonderful addition to jams as well as a natural room freshener like no other. Come visit us so that you can taste and see for yourselves!

Variety Description Use Availibility
Strawberries Fragrantly sweet strawberries are one of the most popular type of berry fruit. These late-spring berries are succulent and have great flavor. Eating, Jellies/Jams, Pies Late May - June
Black Berries The blackberry is a compound fruit that is composed of many smaller fruits called drupes. It is a very dark purple color with smooth, fragile skin. Blackberries can be easily confused with raspberries. Eating, Jellies/Jams, Pies July - August
Blueberries One of the few fruits native to North America. Ripe blueberries are a deep indigo blue color and typically mildly sweet in flavor. Eating, Jellies/Jams, Pies July - August
Red Raspberries Also a compound fruit, the skin of the raspberry is smooth and is red in color. The core of the fruit is hollow, distinguishing raspberries from blackberries. They have a delicate, sweet, flavor! Eating, Jellies/Jams, Pies July-September
Black Raspberries Similar to the red raspberry but a dark purple-black fruit. More fruity and less tart than a blackberry, it has a very unique taste not really similar to any other berry. Eating, Jellies/Jams, Pies Late June - Early July
Apricots Fresh apricots are an early summer treat, they have a sweet, rich flavor. Apricots are low fat and high in Vitamin A and C. They are part of the stone fruit family, closely related to peaches. Its flesh is typically a rich yellow to yellowish orange in color. Eating, Jellies/Jams Late June - July
Quinces The quince is a fruit resembling a pear and relatives of apples and pears but unlike them they should not be eaten raw. When cooked the flesh will turn deep red with a sweet, yet savory flavor. Jellies/Jams October
Concord & Niagara Grapes Grapes are actually berries that grow in bunches on long, twining vines. These flavorful treats are round, soft fleshed with a smooth skin. Eating, Jellies/Jams Mid September - October
Chestnuts Chestnuts are shiny dark brown skinned nut with a rich, sweet taste that is perfect to roast. Eating October